Stylist Seeker

Stylist Seeker was a deceivingly large project I was given lead on at Noble Studios, which was one of the first projects for me to lead. The client desired a site that could list different stylists all over the world, which would provide an easy search for the end-user to find the stylist they're looking for. The system was integrated with a full backend for the Stylists to sign up, create and edit a profile and even pay for membership features. I ended up working with the client, a project manager and a designer to help identify her needs and how the site should function. The final product was a custom integration of Expression Engine with FoxyCart tied in with the FoxEE plugin to allow the Stylists to pay for their membership directly from their profile. The profiles were managed through an integration of the EE Users module with custom changes to the module to allow the clients needs.

  • CSS
  • E-Commerce
  • Expression Engine
  • FoxEE
  • FoxyCart
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Web Development